Link Up Your Voter ID to Aadhaar card




Following are the different seeding approaches to seed the AADHAAR against the Electors as part of de-duplication of Electors.

Self Seeding - Online through EPIC AADHAAR Seeding portal with OTP --  Click here to proceed

Electorals can seed the EPIC Card number,along with Aadhaar number using the online portal through the OTP received on the given mobile number. 

Portal Seeding - Online using EPIC AADHAAR Seeding Portal --- Click here to proceed

EPIC Aadhaar seeding portal allows to enter the Aadhaar number or provide the feedback against the EPIC Card number based on the field survey done by BLO's. Portal Seeding can be done primarily using two techniques:
In-organic seeding : Inorganic Seeding can be done directly through portal based on the provided matches by verifying the EPIC Card and Aadhaar photos and demographic data in the portal.
Organic seeding : Organic Seeding can be done by entering Aadhaar number against the EPIC Card Number and seed the aadhaar or provide the feedback after verifing the EPIC and Aadhaar photos and demographic data in the portal

Mobile Seeding - Online through mobile:

Mobile seeding approach will allow to seed the Electorals against Aadhaar number through mobile by the executive using the mobile APP loaded on your mobile similar to portal.After capturing the required information through mobile application seeds the Aadhaar against EPIC Card number and updated on the portal automatically.

SMS based Seeding - through SMS

Electorals are expected to send a SMS containing the Aadhaar number and EPIC Card number. Ex : SEEDEPIC [space] [EPIC No] [space] [Aadhaar No] is sent to a number 08790499899 (illustrative only). The application at the backend validate and seeds the Aadhaar number against EPIC Card number automatically.

Call Center Seeding - Online through Toll free Call Centre number – 1950 ---Click here to proceed

Electorals are expected to make a phone call to Call Center executives and give his/her EPIC Card number with Aadhaar number.Upon receiving the details from Electorals and Operators can seeds the aadhaar online through portal.


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